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Doug Keeley

The Network for Business Storytellers

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About Me

I have spent my entire career creating communications for some of the world's best businesses. Apple, ADP, Bayer, BMS, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Nortel, Starbucks, TDBank and on and on.

Today there is more blah-blah, more noise, more clutter and less authentic, sticky communication than I have ever seen. There is also way less personal connection and fun.

My mission is to change that, one small story at a time. 

Why You Should Join our Network

I used to like social, especially LinkedIn. Now most social is so cluttered, so full of people trying to sell you their stuff that I don't use it. It has lost its connection.

I have also learned that it is not the "in classroom" work that builds storytelling skills, it is the practice and sharing. It is getting constant feedback and adapting and improving to that feedback.

I am a musician. Learning to be a good storyteller is like learning to play. You start with a few core principles, learn a few patterns, learn some songs, share, learn some more and never stop.

This Mighty Network is designed to help you have a safe place to learn, get feedback, and be inspired. It is deliberately a "pay to enter" so I can keep out the people trying to sell you stuff and just connect you with others who are serious about building their storytelling chops.

I have never done this before. All your feedback and input is gratefully welcomed. Be gentle, be positive, and help make it better. 

A Big Thanks

Thanks to all the clients, all the ICErs, and all the others who have helped me realize that it is all Story.
Only we can write our story.
But anyone can tell it.
Will they tell it well?

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