Become a Better Storyteller

Use Stories to Power Sales, Leadership and Culture


About Doug

I have spent my entire career creating communications for some of the world's best businesses and organizations: Apple, Bristol Myers Squibb, Cognizant, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Pepsi, Nortel, Starbucks, TDBank... you get it. I know a thing or two about communicating and I have the scars to prove it.

I have produced, told stories and run workshops at hundreds of conferences over several decades. All the ones that are memorable were built on stories, not just facts or blah blah.

I have worked with thousands of executives and their teams, and most of them said that communication was one of their organization's biggest challenges. I know why. 

My mission is to help everyone in this community become a better communicator by becoming a better storyteller. 
I have decades of proof that this will help them get better results.

Let's do this together.

Why join this Community?

Three reasons to be part of this community:
1) You realize that stories are a critical tool and are smart enough to know you could improve your storytelling skills

2) You realize that you can't improve your storytelling skills by watching a few videos. It takes work, it requires audiences, and it requires feedback and refinement.

3) You realize that most groups on social media are inundated with ads, self promotion, and rants. Not a good place to learn a new skill.

I am a musician. Learning storytelling is like learning to play an instrument. You learn some basics, you practice, you learn a song or two, you try them out with people, get feedback, and go back to work.
If you are smart, you also get lessons from someone better than you. 

You learn smarter, better and faster if you do.

Storytelling is the same. This is a place to do it. 

What will you get here?

You will find lots of free content, ideas, and tips here. It is yours for the taking and I am continually updating and adding to it. 

You can get more by joining a Group to share and get feedback, and upgrading your membership to include events and courses. 

I only ask one thing - participate. This is a community. Communities only work when their members are active and help each other. 

If you are willing to do that, I this community will help make you a better communicator, a better sales person, and a better leader, coach and human being.